Zoning Disclaimer: 

Zoning descriptions are maintained by Lucas County and are subject to change.  Information provided is deemed a reliable point of reference but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified with the individual municipality. Please contact the Village of Whitehouse at (419) 877-5383.   

Note that the Zoning Codes are different than the Class/Landuse codes used by the Lucas County Real Estate Division.  


Zoning Code
Village Center Commercial
Village of Whitehouse


The "C-2" Village Center Commercial District provides for business, governmental and institutional uses which serve the entire village.  All uses and activities shall be inside buildings unless related to the existing primary use of the property.  Work activities and material handling will be confined within buildings or within closures.  Materials and products will be stored in enclosed structures or areas screened from view from adjoining property.  External areas of structures will be landscaped and maintained.  Undeveloped areas of the parcel will be kept free of debris, weeds and routinely maintained by the cutting of all grassed areas.